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Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

InnoFiber UHMWPE fibers are made by the gel-spinning technology and such fibers exhibit exceptional properties, showing very high tensile strength with stiffness and low density. Due to its low melting point in the fabrication process and thus offers new unique processing options: allows the gel-spun UHMWPE be fused under pressure at a temperature more or less below the melting point. In combination with other procedures, impacting the fiber, enables a variety of applications in different industries such as, but not limited to; military fields, maritime, medical and the automotive industry.

InnoFibers’ team of experts are here to address your requirements and share our knowledge about the InnoFiber products, whilst supporting your business endeavors providing consistent and reliable UHMWPE fiber filament yarns.

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InnoFiber Technology

Dedication to create the best possible and consistent fiber to meet the high-standards in today’s market.

InnoFiber products are created on the foundation in research and development, dedication for consistency and the implementation of various processing technologies.

The result is a durable and consistent fiber serving our clients globally.

InnoFiber Products

We serve you with multiple products to meet your different needs

InfibeBP fiber

High performance and reliability for ballistic protection in the military, police and commercial sector.

InfibeMO fiber

Ultra strong fiber for Marine and Offshore usage for mooring ropes, towing ropes and heavy lifting ropes.

InfibeAF fiber

With parameters designed specifically for nets, fishing lines and strings.

InfibeMI fiber

More lighter, increased comfortability and higher cut-resistency for gloves and other textile applications.

InnoFiber the fastest growing
UHMWPE fiber supplier in China

Proven and tested Fiber Filament yarns for different applications with strong consistency.

InnoFiber commitment to sustainability

From strict policies to reforms within the supply chain and InnoFibers’ own “Tomorrow program”

The leap forward and creating opportunities

InnoFibers’ strong leadership, a decisive and supportive Board with a passionate team, enabled us to grow rapidly and compete with high-standard UHMWPE fiber solutions to our clients. 

A strong foundation in manufacturing, sourcing and research & development enables us to serve different types of industries.  Gaining vital experience on- and off site and in-depth communication with our clients, is the foundation for continues improvement in consistency and better our products. All InnoFiber products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and other strict conformity assessments, whereas applicable, within the industry standards.

Our UHMWPE fiber products are tested and proven to be one of the most durable and consistent in the industry and thus positioned ourselves for growth and building strong long-term partnerships with you. 

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