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We are Innovation Fiber Technology Co., Ltd

InnoFiber was established in 2017 by like-minded individuals with a passion and dedication to produce durable Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Fiber. Our specialization is in the fiber and are produced in our own factory in Jiangsu, China with the proven “Gel Spinning” technology. Utilizing this technology enabled us to create a filament yarn with remarkable high tenacity and a high level of crystallization with different densities.

The fiber manufacturing starts with procuring the best possible UHMWPE raw material and the machinery required for this special processing purpose. Having a strict production management system in place, in which each process is carefully monitored from start-to-finish, ensures a qualitative and reliable product for our clients. We are the supplier to multiple reputable Ballistic UD Plate manufacturers, where strict product assessments and quality evaluations are in place, proving that InnoFiber UHMWPE filaments are up to the market standard and beyond.

Research and Development (R&D) is the foundation of our company and a myriad of resources, time and effort has been exerted into the InnoFiber products. We continuously strive to create the most consistent and high quality UHMWPE fiber for our clients in the industry, thus continuously investing in R&D and improving the knowledge of our employees within our field is imperative. Development as a company and as individuals is one of our core value.

InnoFibers’ foundation is built on Innovation, Partnerships and Dedication for UHMWPE fiber and strong work ethic from top-to-bottom within the company, which enables us to understand our clients better and provide most durable products and on-point services.

Our industries, Our Partners

InnoFibers technology used in our partners products, enhances their consistency in the manufacturing process and thus creating economical value to the supply chain.  The combination of durable fiber and economical benefits have made InnoFiber products an essential component in various industries.  

InnoFiber factory

InnoFiber is located in the Ba Qiao industrial park in Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province in China.

In 2017 we reached a production capacity of 700 tons, but due to the rapid growth and market demand, we continued investing and expanding our production. As of 2022 InnoFiber has a production output of approximately 2,000 tons annually. There is still capacity for us to grow exponentially and with strong support from the local government are we keen to achieve our goals. InnoFiber will further invest in the manufacturing process, equipment,  research & development and create more work opportunities within our community.

It is our endeavor to contribute to a cleaner and safer world, which is InnoFiber criteria to create products with the highest standard and workmanship, energy and cost saving whilst building towards a better future.

Our sustainable commitment

Reduction of carbon footprint is the cause InnoFiber is committed to. Through strong HSEQ policies and collaborative research are we moving towards a brighter and cleaner future.