Diverse applications
with InnoFiber

Essential component in various industries


Versatile implementations

UHMWPE fiber is proven to be applicable in many different sectors. At InnoFiber we created four product lines of UHMWPE filaments to serve the following industries being: “Ballistic & Protection”, “Marine & Offshore”, “Aqua & Fisheries” and “Mechanical & Industrial”.

We continuously put the focus on the consistency of the fiber and designed the manufacturing process, inspections and testings to reach that ultimate goal to prevail with the highest quality fiber to serve our clients and her stakeholders better.

If you have certain specific requirements, technical or commercial questions, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.   

InnoFiber applications

Innofiber products can be used in multiple applications

Ballistic & Protective
Maritime & Offshore​
Aqua & Fisheries
Mechanical & Industrial

Many changes have occurred in the composite material technology, especially for the commercial products used by armed forces globally. It is InnoFiber driving force to fulfil the appetency for lighter materials, coping with the need to protect the military or law enforcement better against new ballistic threats, while reducing the overall weight of the body protection and increasing comfort.

For many years UHMWPE yarns have been the primary material for ropes in the Maritime & Offshore sector. Due to its high strength, low weight and low gravity , making it float and more resistance to salt water, makes it the perfect material for rope and lines fabrication.

The UHMWPE yarn can be utilized for the nets and fishing lines which are normally made out of nylon. But over the years these are made out of UHMWPE fiber. The production of wire like monolines has the advantage in the reduction of netting twynes in diameter, creating less drag resistance and economically more viable.

Cut resistance integrated in products is very complex. Presently, gel-spun UHMWPE fibers provides the best cut resistance layer for any product possible. Notably this technology is used for “gloves” or “clothing”, which are worn by individuals working in the industrial or mechanical sector.