Aqua & Fisheries

Lightweight and abrasion resistance


Aqua & Fisheries

The UHMWPE yarn can be utilized for the nets and fishing lines which are normally made out of nylon. But over the years these are made out of UHMWPE fiber. The production of wire like monolines has the advantage in the reduction of netting twynes in diameter, creating less drag resistance and economically more viable.

The InnoFiber filament yarn is excellent for fishing lines, nets for fishing and fish farming and these braided products are thinner, lighter with high strength and bite resistance are very attractive components in a material.

Having an inhouse dye department enables InnoFiber supply qualitative, durable colored filament yarns. Besides the primary color “white” (transparent) are we able to supply your custom color as well. 

InnoFiber has created InfibeAF filament yarn to cater to the Aqua & Fisheries industry. The fusion of fibers with InfibeAF creates excellent monolines that are suitable for Fishing. It makes the fishing lines lighter with higher strength. Moreover, it is used for the production of knotless fishing nets and farming nets due to its high modulus and abrasion resistance.

A significant strength is the inherent high breaking load of the InfibeAF, which enhances the production capacity of our clients, thus continues manufacturing and more cost effective.