High tenacity thinner and stronger


InfibeAF fiber

The high tenacity InfibeAF filament yarn makes the braided fishing lines thinner and stronger. Our goal is to optimize the braiding process for the manufacturer and the performance of the fishing lines and fishing nets, through the consistency and high breaking point (kg) of our filament yarn. The density of this particular filament yarn reduces the drag and maintenance cost for the user(s) making it an excellent application for the Aqua & Fisheries sector.

In order to cope with the different market demands InnoFiber supplies the following specification:

15D / 20D / 30D / 40D / 50D / 60D / 75D / 85D / 100D

125D / 150D / 175D / 200D / 225D / 250D / 275D / 300D

All the above-mentioned products are supplied in the primary color (white) or be custom pre-dyed to the required color. 

The below table presents technical information of InnoFiber 8 strand braided fishing line products. Testing is conducted at InnoFiber laboratory and for reference only