High toughness and strong parameters


InfibeBP fiber

The InfibeBP filament yarn offers, within the thermoplastic matrix, superior absorption and dispersion of high impact energy, energy coming from a gun shot. We ensure that the InfibeBP high toughness and strong viscose-elastic parameters, enabling it to withstand high load, is a valuable utilization for composite in the Ballistic
& Protective application.

Because of its good impact resistance and high energy absorption, the fiber can be made into protective clothing, helmets, and bulletproof materials in the military, such as armored shields for helicopters, tanks and ships, protective shells for radars, missile covers, body armor, stab-resistant clothing, shields, etc., among which the application of body armor is the most eye-catching. It has the advantage of being light and soft, and its bulletproof effect is better than that of aramid.

In addition, the specific impact load value U/p of UHMWPE fiber composites is 10 times that of steel, and more than twice that of glass fiber and aramid. Bulletproof and riot helmets made of fiber-reinforced resin composite materials abroad have become substitutes for steel helmets and aramid-reinforced composite helmets.