Mechanical & Industrial

Strong cut resistance and cooling


Mechanical & Industrial

Cut resistance integrated in a product is very complex. Presently, gel-spun UHMWPE fibers provides the best cut resistance layer for any product possible. Notably this technology is used for “gloves” or “clothing”, which are worn by individuals working in the industrial or mechanical sector.

In order to reach the comfort and cooling required for any cut resistance product, the protective textiles are often hybrids with other fibers. UHMWPE fiber is an essential material, since such fiber have a very high thermal conductivity, thus, excessive heat from the body is more easily transferred.

InnoFiber InfibeMI filament yarn is designed to cater to the above-mentioned markets and the products made from InfibeMI are of high quality with varying levels of protection. Anti-cut gloves made from InfibeMI can be produced in accordance with the customer requirement related to the cut resistance classification systems being the ANSI/ISEA 105 and EN 388.