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InnoFiber UHMWPE filaments yarns are produced with comprehensive consideration of the mechanical behavior of the gel-spun, stress and time under static and dynamic loading conditions and the temperature where the UHMWPE fibers could be impacted on a molecular basis. It is the continues recognition of possessing the modulus and strength levels of today’s market demand to achieve greater products and consistency. Through continues research and development InnoFiber strives to be on the forefront and increase the performance and consistency of our products and decrease the deformation behavior of the fiber itself.


Our filaments yarns are excellent materials for the “Ballistic Composite”, “Maritime & Offshore”, “Fishing Aqua Culture”, “Lifestyle & Sportwear” and “Industrial” sector due to:
  • High strength almost 15 times stronger than steel by weight
  • Its lighter weight and able to lift heavier load
  • Hydrophobicity and not gaining weight by water
  • High Modulus Polyethylene
  • Excellent abrasion and fatigue resistance
  • Outstanding thermal consistency
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • Low flammability
  • Proven durable and well-distinct lifetime

InnoFiber Products

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The InfibeBP filament yarn offers, within the thermoplastic matrix, superior absorption and dispersion of high impact energy. We ensure that the InfibeBP high toughness and strong viscose-elastic parameters is a valuable utilization for composite in the Ballistic & Protective application.

Due to the compatible parameters and having the right criteria within the tensile and compressive strength spectrum, the InfibeMO filament yarn is predominantly used in the Maritime & Offshore application like ropes, lines and lifting gear.

The high tenacity InfibeAF filament yarn makes the braided fishing lines thinner and stronger. The density of this particular filament yarn, reduces the drag and maintenance cost for the user(s) makes it a great fiber for application to the Aqua & Fisheries sector.

InfibeMI filament yarn meets the industry standards for cut-resistance and the gloves or protective wear are lighter, comfortable and thinner whilst protecting the wearer in harsh working and or environmental conditions.

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