Our care to
sustainable living

Protecting the environment for a greater livelihood and future


Committing and Caring for livelihood

Being aware of the environment and the impact we exert to the habitat and its biosphere is of significant importance. It is InnoFiber continues mission to reduce the output of emissions and the quantity of energy and water we utilize during the production. This is the way to reduce the carbon footprint and built for a better future together.

Through continues effort in research and development, including cooperation’s with different institutions and universities, we aim to improve the durability of the InnoFiber products. We strive for reduction in material usage, better efficacy and thus allowing our clients to cut-down on usage of raw material, without compromising the quality of the product and more environmental friendly. As a company, we hold strong to this pursue and such can only be achieved through innovation and collaboration.    

InnoFiber holds strong to her Health, Safety, Environmental protection and Quality protocols as an integral part of our business continuation. Applying strict Environment, Health & Safety Policy, in a way not only relevant to our businesses, but also promoting it within our business chain, the partners, contractors, suppliers and shareholders.

Our company will positively influence and promote our commitment in  lowering the carbon footprint we exert into the world. Finding the harmony between the need of the society, economy and environment is significant for securing a life for both current and future generations.

InnoFiber “For Tomorrow” program

Sustainability is achieved through different metrics within the business value chain. At Inno-Fiber this is achieved through our prestige “For Tomorrow” program.

Compliance in the industry

InnoFiber is committed to her operations being professional and to the highest ethical standards. Strong leadership and adherence to the quality management system (QMS)  ensures our business success. Compliance with current and future policies, set forth by institutions or government legislation, are a prerequisite towards a brighter future for all.

More environmental friendly

Production of UHMWPE fiber continuously develops and pushes the technological boundaries to create the best possible and most consistent fiber. It is significant to find ways to manage the energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste management during this process.

InnoFiber takes all of the above very seriously and our environmental management work are based on our environmental policy and our certified environmental management system in compliance to the international standard ISO 14001.

Minimizing energy consumption

The InnoFiber factory is the largest energy consumption source within the production process. Our team have commenced to collect data and analysis of our energy consumption of machinery, equipment, water usage, ventilation and cooling etc. and trying to identify areas for improvement without intervening with the quality of our products.

Positive changes throughout the supply chain

Plausible and successful methods should be convened to our partners, third parties and others within the supply chain system. Through strong collaboration and adherence to the environmental policies, set forth by InnoFiber, are we able to monitor and ensuring a positive contribution towards a better environment. 

At InnoFiber, care for the environment is a daily task and needs to be executed and adhered to indefinitely throughout the company and the supply chain. The creation of the “Tomorrow program”, which is revised on a yearly basis due to new regulations on a governmental or global level, provides the foundation for practical implementation within the company to reach our sustainable goals.  But more so, a guideline for the management to, execute, show leadership and being a strong advocate to give the right example for all her employees and partners involved. As a company we try to stay flexible, adapt and able to integrate new technology, machinery, equipment etc. whereas plausible and provide better products for our clients.